Endurance 50g – Nutricon

Endurance 50g – Nutricon


‘Endurance’ contains the perfect blend of timed release carbohydrates, electrolytes and anti-catabolic agents for athletes, endurance or otherwise, that are searching for digestibility, assimilation and performance.

Endurance contains isomaltose- a designer disaccharide carbohydrate processed from white beets, that provides a slow, steady release of energy to prevent hypoglycemia, prevent dipping into muscle glycogen reserves for energy requirements and to increase fat oxidation for sustained fuel release. It contains cluster dextrin, a “cone” shaped carbohydrate molecule that doesn’t spike insulin levels- essential during endurance activity where sustained energy release is paramount- and is utilized to better increase the uptake of other micronutrients in the gut, as well as delaying time-to-fatigue. Lastly, it contains maltodextrin to replenish and ideally manage muscle glycogen reserves. This “trifecta” carbohydrate blend is the perfect blend to fuel long lasting, and intensive bouts of endurance activity and propel you over that finish line.

We have added essential amino acids to prevent muscle catabolism and breakdown, Creatine Monohydrate which is the single most extensively tested, proven and researched performance supplement in human existence and an ideal electrolyte blend to optimally manage hydration levels.